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Counselling Mental Health

Welcome to aMAZE counselling therapy (act), your guide through your own labyrinth of life's challenges.

I am ready to help you find your way.


Life, in all its complexity, often feels like an intricate maze. There are twists, turns, unexpected challenges, and moments where we might feel lost or overwhelmed.


But every maze has a path leading to clarity, understanding, and resolution. And sometimes, to find that path, all you need is a guide.


As a fully qualified, insured, ICO registered and BACP registered therapist I offer a safe and supportive environment. Here, you are not just another person trying to find their way; you're a unique individual with your own story, deserving of understanding, respect, and a personalised therapeutic approach.

Counselling Mental Health
Counselling Mental Health

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Ready to navigate the labyrinth of your emotions and experiences?

No matter what you're facing, remember that seeking help is the first step towards finding your way and achieving a healthier, balanced emotional state.

Counselling Mental Health

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Thank you. We are grateful you are here, and hope you choose to act with aMAZE counselling therapy.

Counselling Mental Health
Counselling Mental Health


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