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My Name is Joe


Trust the Process...

From the moment I embarked on my journey into the world of counselling, every step I took was driven by a deep-rooted purpose. Four years of rigorous training, combined with over 100 hours of intensely listening to and guiding clients through their unique challenges, culminated in the birth of aMAZE Counselling Therapy. It wasn’t just about the hours logged or the skills honed; it was the burning desire to make a tangible difference in people's lives. To me, this venture is more than just a clinic; it’s a testament to my passion. Passion, for me, isn't just a fleeting emotion. It's the pure joy I feel every time I see a client find clarity in their maze of emotions, the exhilaration of being part of their healing journey, and the unwavering commitment I feel towards every individual who walks through our doors. It’s about genuine fulfilment, an ever-present enthusiasm, and a relentless dedication to guide and support those seeking a beacon in their darkest times.

Find Your Way

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