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Talk IS NOT far as I am concerned...

When two strangers meet, learn to trust each other and learn to share the deepest feelings, through an emotional story that can span an entire lifetime: what better feeling is there?

Look no further than counselling therapy...with aMAZE counselling therapy (act).

Ok, just reminding you where you are and who the author of this post is, which is me, a fully qualified counsellor, who loves nothing more than to fulfil my dreams, which is helping others find their own way via counselling therapy, using the skills of the Person-Centred approach.

I noticed recently I was stuck with a reoccurring thought, which created specific feelings that laddered up to an emotion, which contributed to my overall emotion led story of my life. I think this is the same for many of us. I found that through the counselling process I was able to:

A: Recognise the emotional content - becoming more self-aware of my thoughts and feelings that contribute to my emotional led life story

B: Acknowledge myself and the feelings that arise through the re-telling of my emotional led life story

C: With support of a counsellor I was able to investigate my emotional led life story, breaking down the thoughts, feelings and emotional content through self-awareness, self-discovery and being accepting of myself and the journey I have been on to get me in the here and now situation

D: I was encouraged by my counsellor to be kind to myself, be accepting of myself, to forgive myself

The result is a fully functioning individual who is able to see, respect and respond (with choice) to all given life situations. Each time a reoccurring thought pattern linked to my feelings and emotional life story comes up I am able to recognise what it is, and acknowledge it has no power over me in the here and now. That I was a mix of anxiety (thinking and processing things that have not happened yet) and stuck in the past (replaying my fears of what happened in highly emotionally charged situations which have now gone and do not exist anymore) was processed and clear to me it was not happening in the here and now. This self-awareness and processing gives me new power to be open minded, honest with myself and my feelings and most important of all; to trust myself enough to just be present and through this I have dropped anxiety and the past patterns of emotional content. I actually enjoy myself in my present situations! I know I have developed a new found self-compassion, and the main reason I have used "self" and "I" a lot here is because you work on yourself to be better for others.

You can and you all do have the capability to reach this point in your life too. This is about saving yourself, while you still can. Everything that is worth taking time to do, is worth taking the time to get right. Find your way.

Choose counselling therapy, the process you can trust. I'm Joe, and I am here for you.

Find me: or set-up a free consultation here

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